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The Equine Touch Foundation (ETF)

ETF is a bodywork academy founded by Jock and Dr Ivana Ruddock. ETF is responsible for the launching of the VHT and its "Touch" discipline for the benefit of humans and animals worldwide.

The Equine Touch Foundation as an educational establishment has three separate yet fully integrated teaching divisions:




"To bring to the world a holistic discipline which can be practiced by anyone from physician to housewife and which has the ability only to benefit the well being of all humans and creatures who experience it. To practice this discipline with honesty and integrity on all who wish our help irrespective of race, color, creed or religion and to teach with honesty and integrity all who wish to help their fellow man as practitioners with humility and consideration without greed, without prejudice and for the benefit of all."



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Jock Ruddock, was founder of VHT and the ET, he been a human bodyworker for over 40 years.  Much of this time he spent learning how to 'fix' acute injuries first hand as an international professional wrestler that spanned a career of 28 years. On retiring from the ring he turned to Complementary Health qualifying as a clinical hypnotherapist before turning back to his main art, bodywork. Already an accomplished skeletal manipulator in the 90's he started to study soft tissue techniques such as Kinesiology, Hyperton-X, Bowen, Dynamic Ki, Isogai and Aikido as well as the principles of Kahuna. In 1996 he developed VHT which was accepted by the ICM, BCMA and BTER as a credible modality, and since then he has taught the technique worldwide. Jock passed away in 2011.
Dr Ivana Ruddock, Director of Education is a qualified veterinarian, former researcher and anatomist who wanted to find a 'different' way to help humans and animals. After  meeting Jock in 1999, she became very interested in  VHT and ET and developed modality for dogs 'The Canine Touch'. Ivana is considered by all who learn under her as one of the most brilliant instructors as her passion for anatomical research and anatomy comes to the fore in every class she holds. Her accuracy and attention to detail have been influential in making certain that every instructor of VHT and ET is teaching exactly the same modality in a recognizable, disciplined fashion.

VHT Instructors

Jo Fernandez, Head Instructor UK and Europe, has been the one responsible for keeping VHT alive and nourishing it in the UK when Jock. sick of the infighting and politics in the human CH world, turned his back on it and focused his life on horses. A Doctor of Cymatics and Bioenergetic Medicine and a qualified Radionics Practitioner, Jo has been with Jock since 1998 and is personally responsible for dragging him back into the human side of things, making him commit to teaching and developing VHT even farther. Over the past 10 years Jo has been at the forefront of regulation of modalities in the UK and as VHT director there has been highly instrumental in setting up the modules which are now the foundation of the VHT teaching for the world.
Suz Anne Kurten, Head VHT instructor for the United States of America, resides north east of Austin, TX. Suz Anne has been a licensed massage therapist since 1999 and was first introduced to ET and VHT in 2003. Since taking her first class Suz Anne has pushed Jock to continue with VHT and he appointed her to be an instructor in 2007. Suz Anne then became a licensed Massage Therapy Instructor and Continuing Ed Provider so that VHT could be offered as continuing ed classes for Massage Therapists in the State of Texas. Suz Anne has a private practice from her home as well as doing corporate massage around the Austin area. She has incorporated VHT into her practice and has had great success with the modality.
Lyn Palmer, has been with ETF since 2000 when she hosted an ET course for Jock in Glastonbury. Disappointed with Bowen she tried out Jock's VHT and the rest is history, overnight she became an addict, building her own clinic as well as an Instruction centre at her farm, and assisting Jock and Ivana teaching in the USA.  In 2003 she became the first ET instructor in the UK and in 2008 backed up her teaching modalities becoming qualified in teaching Canine Touch and VHT. When not teaching throughout the length and breadth of England or popping over the France, Lyn runs a very busy Human, Horse and Canine Bodywork clinic at her farm in Meare as well as having a large home visit clientele throughout the county.
Carola Grauers, was first introduced to VHT in 2003 when she was asked to translate the VHT manual into Swedish.  A Licensed massage therapist as well as a Bowen therapist she was amazed at the results that she immediately started to achieve with her clients in comparison with Bowen and the work was no where near as tiring on her body.  A keen horsewoman she traveled to the UK to learn more about VHT and the Equine Touch, Qualifying as an ET Instructor in 2007 in Texas and being appointed a VHT instructor the same year. Carola completed her instructor qualifications with the Canine Touch and now like Lyn runs a busy clinic in the South of Sweden as well as teaching ET  and VHT throughout the country.
Kate Prowse, South Eastt England - In January 2005 Kate began her bodywork career working with ET on Horses before deciding to learn about their human counterparts and studying VHT. At first this venture was in the realization that knowing the human root of the horse work would make her better ET Practitioner and Instructor but on seeing the amazing results she was having on humas she continued her studies qualifying as a VHT Practitioner. Her quest to help her fellow man has taken her further to where she is now one of the only four UK qualified VHT Instructors.  You can find out more on her website - click here!

Evan Lonborg-Madsen - Denmark

In November 2005 Eva participated in her first ET Clinic in Wales. With her background as research coordinator in the National University Hospital and healing masseur in her spare time she was fascinated by the disciplin itself and the amazing results on both horses and humans. She qualified as ET Practitioner in 2007 and ET Instructor in Texas in 2008. Thrilled she continued her studies qualifying as CT Instructor in 2009. Wishing to become a better ET Instructor and Practitioner she continued her VHT studies qualifying as VHT Instructor in Czech in 2010. Eva is the only ET, CT and VHT Instructor in Denmark.

Christine Wyllie, North East of England

Chris came to VHT in 2006 through learning the Equine Touch. She had been using her existing Sports and Remedial Massage skills to help her friends and horses and wanted to achieve a horse based qualification which was less hard wearing on the hands. She was immediately drawn to VHT and has found it more a more effective and long-lasting modality for helping the human body to cope with the stresses of everyday life. She became an Instructor for the Equine Touch Foundation teaching Equine Touch first and then VHT and Canine Touch. She has a keen interest in biomechanics and finds being able to work on both horse and rider very rewarding, in being able to piece together the cross-over influences between the two and in helping to improve a partnership. Chris is also an instructor with her Air Traffic Controller hat on and brings an acute awareness of student needs to help everyone to enjoy their learning experience.

Raian Kaiser - Colorado, USA

Raian's first experience with Jock and Ivana's work was with Equine Touch in 2002. During the clinic, Jock worked on all the human participants-- and after feeling that first VHT "Move" from the Master himself, Raian was hooked. She became a Practitioner in all the Equine Touch Foundation modalities, and then an Instructor, teaching ET, CT and VHT throughout the USA and Canada.
Odd Ueland - Oslo, Norway
Tom Soerevick - Bergen, Norway - Tom was first introduced to Jock and Ivana when they held a clinic in The Gentle Touch (Bowen) in Bergen in 1999. He then attended numerous follow up courses before switching over to VHT in 2002 due to the amazing benefits that VHT offered to his clients compared to the "old style " Bowen Technique. Tom has also studied extensively in Cranio -Sacral Therapy and several Energy modalities and is also an accomplished Qigong Teacher. He has been involved in Alternative health practices since 1993. He now works as a part time Therapist as well as teaching VHT throughout Norway.
Colette Bolster - Minnesota, USA

Florian De Folleville - Rouen, France

His interest in VHT begun during his first class with Jo Fernandez in 2009. After experiencing first-hand the beneficial effects of this technique on himself and others, he decided to change careers to become a professional practitioner. He went on to pass the following classes and advanced courses in the UK and was appointed a VHT instructor in 2010.

After practicing in Normandy and Paris, he decided to move to the sunnier south of France in the beginning of 2012, where he now lives and practices both VHT and neurofeedback. He is one of only two French-speaking instructors and can be reached through his website at www.levht.fr (coming soon)

Yumi Fujii - Honolulu, Hawaii and Japan

Penny Crockart - Zimbabwe - It was way back in 1999 when Penny first met Jock when he introduced Bowen into Africa. In 200 she began to study VHT and ET under him in Zimbabwe becoming his coordinator in Bullawayo.  After attending many clinics as a Tutor she was appointed an Instructor in both VHT and ET formalizing the latter in Texas in 2007 and the former in Czech in 2010. Penny has a large patient clientele and travels throughout the African continent teaching upon request.  When not working on horses and humans Penny is the manager and coach of the National Zimbabwean Disabled Riders team and as such travels the world on a regular basis.