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As a professional wrestler and martial artist Ruddock studied the work of other wrestlers who had picked up methods of manipulating backs, necks and limbs as a result of injuries obtained in the ring or in the dojo. His interest in bodywork was sparked in 1966 after noting a scoliosis in his youngest daughter. With his practical knowledge of how a body worked and the ‘gentle touch’ which all aikido practitioners and professional wrestlers are trained to use, he developed his own methods of addressing imbalance in the body from a purely physical paradigm.

As his experience grew so did his reputation, and soon he found people just dropping in to have their neck cracked or their back popped. Young wrestlers who trained under him in New Zealand would immediately be treated and their spontaneous injuries addressed. Fellow police officers and other sportsmen were always available willing to have a creak or a stiffness dissipated at Jock's hands.

Jock continued as a part time self-taught chiropractor, helping people free of charge until 1990 when one night shortly after manipulating the neck of a friend the subject began screaming in pain and continued throughout the night. Although the friend in the morning was 100% recovered, the pain gone and full movement restored, a lesson had been learned. Skeletal manipulation was dangerous, and Jock stopped.

In 1995 Jock retired from the ring and his eclectic pathway in life led him back from the South Pacific to Scotland, where a famous spiritualist, Margaret Faulkner told him he would be led to the world of healing. A few months later he attended the Hypnotherapist Course at the National Society of Professional Hypnotherapy under Scotland's leading Hypnotherapist, Vicky Watson. While on that course a student injured his back, Jock locating a subluxation and spasm, performed a toggle manipulation, which created a loud pop, bringing about immediate dissipation of pain and full recovery of movement, which several others had failed through various Reiki and spiritual healing methods. Encouraged by this he took a course in Bowen qualifying under Oswald Rentsch.

In 1996/7 as a result of numerous requests from a number of practitioners he began to teach and develop in a whole new direction, filling in the gaps and achieving results that were far above anyone's expectations. Using the distorted muscle recoil as a spring with which to power a vibration through the soft tissue as a foundation, he pioneered and developed VHT. In 1997 it was officially accepted by the Institute of Complementary Health and the British Complementary Medicine Association amongst others.

VHT and the relating animal modalities, Equine Touch and Canine Touch are now taught in 23 different countries throughout the world and research into the disciplines is a key ongoing factor.