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Jock (John) Ruddock - Pioneer and Creator of the Vibromuscular Harmonization Technique and Equine Touch, Mentor and Author.

As a former Scotland Yard Police Officer he spent 28 years of an eclectic life as an international professional wrestler, entertainment director, hotel manager, song writer, show writer, record producer and part time bodyworker. On retiring from the ring he turned to the world of complementary health, qualifying as a clinical hypnotherapist before opening five successful bodywork clinics in his native Scotland. In 1995 he turned his attention to studying the muscular skeletal system in the form of Aikido, Dynamic Ki, Bowen, Kinesiology, Cranio Sacral, Isogai and Hyperton-X.

In 1996 he developed his own modality, which he called the Vibromuscular Harmonization Technique. In 1996 he started his own International School in Scotland, practicing and developing his VHT technique and animal related modalities. Soon his VHT syllabus and teachings were accepted in New Zealand, Ireland, Norway, Sweden and Australia and he held his workshops in South Africa and Zimbabwe amidst riots, chaos and violence.

In 1997 he was requested to help a practitioner work with VHT on a horse. As a result he found himself in overnight demand as a 'horse whispering and horse healer'. A casual conversation in Czech a few months later saw him being invited to treat Cipisek the most famous horse in that country. An invitation, to teach vets in Europe Jock’s equine technique, followed and so "The Equine Touch" was born.

Jock was a devoted practitioner, teacher and researcher, bringing his modalities, not only to professionals but also to the public, who simply wanted to help their loved ones. With these in mind, he specifically developed a shorter version called ‘VHT for Family and Friends’.  His courses have been described as extremely enjoyable, thorough, professional, packed with energy and integrity and quite simply "the best".   

Whilst fighting cancer, which ultimately led to his death in November 2011, he nevertheless launched and taught a new module, namely ‘VHT Extreme’, bringing it in line with emerging new energies. Students on this course found themselves shifting their consciousness and awareness to higher dimensions, through muscle testing, hypnosis, ancient mysticism, shamanism, TCM, kinesiology and Aikido philosophies that had influenced his work.



Ivana Ruddock is qualified veterinary surgeon, former researcher in animal immune system and anatomist as well as being a respected VHT and ET Instructor. In 1999 Ivana joined Jock in traveling the world teaching ETF disciplines. With her qualifications and consummate passion for research she has brought to the Complementary Health world of ETF a credibility and substance which has been applauded by all who attend their courses.

Their combination has been described as a perfect "tag team" teaching combination, Jock the intuitive hands on specialist while Ivana the purist, the ultimate seeker of knowledge, the lecturer with the ability pass on that knowledge and to answer all questions raised whether allopathic or holistic that have passed within her field of study and understanding.

1999 Jock and Ivana began to research more and more into both the Equine Touch and VHT amending, testing, discarding, developing and choreographing complete new procedures based upon the rules and principles of holistic bodywork They discovered that by vibrating the muscles in a certain sequence and at specific points in the body using slightly more pressure combined with a Tai Chi flow that the entire body would slip into a state of relaxation and confusion. The syndrome is something similar to an entire orchestra tuning up prior to a concert, out of this confusion and chaos order within the body emerges and homeostasis is attained. After considerable studying and fine tuning this new approach, they decided to name it The Vibromuscular Harmonization Technique (VHT).

Ivana continue to teach ETF classes (Equine Touch, F&F and CT classes) and her unique Whole Horse Dissections worldwide.

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